Halloween Skeleton Makeup

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween!! Hope you enjoy!

Products Mentioned:

Image of skeleton I used I looked at this stencil as reference- https://www.merchantsfashionsdiscountsretailshoppingstore.com/products/skeleton-makeup-kit-beautiful?utm_campaign=Pinterest%20Buy%20Button&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Pinterest&utm_content=pinterest-buy-button-1846547e4-f9dc-44b6-ae4f-558511fb3da5

NYX milk jumbo- http://www.ulta.com/jumbo-eye-pencil?productId=xlsImpprod2150066#
NYX milk pencil- http://www.ulta.com/retractable-eyeliner?productId=xlsImpprod4141599
Nars Black liner- http://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/makeup-eyes-eyeliners/999NAC0000041.html?dwvar_999NAC0000041_color=7845082279#start=1
Mehron Face Paint- https://www.amazon.com/Mehron-Paradise-Palette-Basic-Colors/dp/B00FGAET6A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1477946702&sr=8-2&keywords=mehron+face+paint
Morphe 35B palette- https://www.morphebrushes.com/collections/pro-makeup-palettes/products/35b-35-color-glam-palette
Glitter Injections copper crush-http://www.glitterinjections.net/store/p244/_COPPER_CRUSH.html

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Cheshire Cat Halloween Tutorial


Products Mentioned

Dior BB cream- sephora
Urban Decay Weightless Skin Foundation- http://www.ulta.com/naked-skin-weightless-ultra-definition-liquid-makeup?productId=xlsImpprod4550001
Smashbox photofinish primer- http://www.ulta.com/photo-finish-foundation-primer?productId=xlsImpprod3590041
Urban Decay De-slick translucent powder- http://www.ulta.com/de-slick-mattifying-powder?productId=xlsImpprod5260003
Maybelline Age rewind concealer- http://www.ulta.com/instant-age-rewind-eraser-dark-circle-treatment-concealer?productId=xlsImpprod3490149
Anastasia beverly hills powder in peaches and cream- http://www.ulta.com/contour-refill?productId=xlsImpprod13811015#
Lorac pro palette- http://www.ulta.com/pro-palette?productId=xlsImpprod4500053
Colourpop blush prenup- https://colourpop.com/collections/blush/products/prenup
Colourpop blush thumper – https://colourpop.com/collections/blush/products/thumper#
Colourpop eyeshadow get lucky – https://colourpop.com/collections/eye-shadow/products/gold-eyeshadow-get-lucky
Mehron face paint – https://www.amazon.com/Mehron-Paradise-Palette-Basic-Colors/dp/B00FGAET6A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1477623260&sr=8-2&keywords=mehron+face+paint
Eylure lashed n exaggerate- http://www.ulta.com/naturalite-exaggerate-eyelashes-multi-pack-145?productId=xlsImpprod6400474
Elf liquid eyeliner- http://www.target.com/p/e-l-f-precision-liquid-eyeliner/-/A-14795895
pixie beauty brow duo- http://www.target.com/p/pixi-natural-brow-duo/-/A-14964382

The views expressed on this site are the author’s own and are provided for informational purposes only. The author makes no warranties about the suitability of any product or treatment referenced or reviewed here for any person other than herself and any reliance placed on these reviews or references by you is done so solely at your own risk. Nothing on this site shall be construed as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice and you are always advised to seek the advice of a suitable professional should you have any such concerns.

DIY Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tutorial!

Happy Friday Everyone! With Halloween coming up, the month of costume parties is here! I don’t personally get a chance to go all out for Halloween, I wish I could, it’s always fun to play dress up for a couple of hours! But I wanted to share with all of you an easy DIY Sugar Skull look that I did last week to get into the Halloween Spirit. This is a really simple way to go all out for costume, since most of the look is in the face makeup.

This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope that it makes sense. I tried to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

This is my take on the sugar skull. I wanted my Sugar skull to look less scary and intense and more cute and colorful.

Thank you!! I hope you all enjoy my first tutorial, and make sure you have fun with your makeup!!

photo 2-4


photo 2-8

Step 1: Prime your face, eyes, and apply chapstick to your lips.

I had already applied some lotion to my face before applying my primer. Make sure you prime your whole face since your are using face paint (which can be very drying) so the primer protects your skin and keeps the moisture in.

photo 3-6

Step 2: Take your light colored foundation and mix a little bit of it together with your white face paint.

Using any foundation brush apply it to your whole face avoiding your eyes and lips. (I used a cheap face paint brand that came in a kit, which was a little to dry, so I advise buying one that is a little bit of a better quality if you plan on wearing this look for more than a couple of hours.)

photo 4-6

p.s: use makeup wipes to clean up any mess you get on your hands and brushes as you go along 🙂

photo 1-6

Step 3: take any translucent powder and set your white face mask.

I used a pressed one, but a translucent powder would work just as good.photo 5-2 Step 4: Using your black face paint, and paint panda eyes.

For me the best and easiest way to do this was to outline the hallows of my eyes and fill them in.

Step 5: take a black eyeshadow and gently pat it over your panda eyes to set the face paint.

This helps to set the paint to prevent it form running and smudging.

photo 3.PNGStep 6: Add dimension to your eyes.

Take a pinky red eyeshadow and apply it to your under eye over the black.

Take a blue color and add that to the inner corner of your eye, as well as the center of your lid. To add some glow to your eyes.

photo 1-8

 Doing this step will all more depth to your face and will look beautiful once your face is done, and in photos!

p.s: I used the Urban Decay electric palette for this part, because I have a slight obsession with this palette right now, but you can use any blue and red for this part.

photo 2.PNGNow for the fun part… Decorating!!

Step 7: Draw a spider web on your forehead.

Using a black eyeliner sketch out your spider web. To darken up the web take your black liquid liner and go over the lines.

Take a q-tip and smudge out the lines to soften up the web.

photo 1-9

(sorry for the scary eye picture) :{

Step 8: Decorate your face however you want!

I looked up various pictures on pinterest to find different ideas on how I wanted to decorate. Their is no wrong way, have fun with it and go crazy!

photo 2-11

photo 3-7

Step 9: Draw out your skull nose.

I wanted something basic and kind of similar to my actual nose. But I think that drawing out a more skull like nose would complete this look more.

photo 2-12

 Here are some of the steps I did took to decorate my face.

photo 3-8

photo 4-7

Step 10: Lips

I used a fuchsia pink lip stick and went over it with a red orange lip gloss.

photo 1-10

 Here is my final look makeup look!!!!


Step 11: Now for the accessories!

For the headpiece I re-used my poinsettia DIY headband from last year and paired it with a floral vintage scarf, but a black lace scarf would also be really cute. I was looking for another way to wear this headband other than for the month of December, and this look was the perfect way!

Take your scarf and drape it over your head in a way that covers the back of your head, an then place the head band over the top, like a crown. You might have to play with it a little till you get your desired look.

Pair this with a black dress and Voila’ you have a cute sugar skull costume!

If you recreate this look I would love to see what you created so post a picture in the comments section below, or hashtag #paarusjetaime on instagram!!



Halloween nails!!

I love painting my nails. I think that it is a fun way to subtly add uniqueness and individuality to your look if you have to wear neutral wardrobe colors, like I do. I am also not a big fan of orange and I know halloween is all about pumpkins and orange, which I love, just not in my day wear. So I found a cute and subtle way to feel festive through a purple manicure!! I love my cute and easy DIY halloween purple nails with an easy spider web tutorial I found on pinterest!

Thank you, hope you enjoy!



p.s: This is not my spider web tutorial, I found this on pinterest. Click on the picture to take you to AmberDidIt.com website!


Easy/quick Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween Month Everyone!

I love decorating for various seasons and holidays, but with a busy schedule, a budget, and a small apartment, it’s a little difficult to find time and space. I have a small corner that I decorate to get into the spirit of whatever season. The dollar section at Target, the dollar store, and Michael’s are my go to shops for holiday shopping.

Here is a list of the items I used to put a little bit of the Halloween spirit in my home!!

  • Pumpkins: since I can’t carve pumpkins I bought a couple of mini orange and white ones from the grocery store. They usually range for about $1-$2
  • Little Cafe of Horrors/Haunted Roller Coster: I picked these up on sale at Michael’s arts & Crafts a couple of weeks ago. They are a foam DIY kit. I only picked up these two to build, but they have many other ones. approximately $9 each
  • Black Spooky Knitted runner: net runner that I picked up at the dollar store
  • Blue LED lights: battery operated lights from the dollar section at Target. But since Christmas is around the corner they have so many different types of lights out on sale now!!

This is just my way of a really simple and cute way to decorate for Halloween!! I hope that you all enjoy!!

xoxo thank you for visiting!!

photo 1-3 photo 3 photo 2-4

DIY Halloween Drippy Nails

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays… probably because it’s only a couple days before my birthday! You get to eat candy and dress up, and pretend to be someone else for a night….and who doesn’t love playing dress up! I love different types of nail art, and I was on Pinterest a few nights ago and I saw a picture of dripping nails nail art. I recreated it, in the spirit of Halloween, and I absolutely love it! It’s super easy to do, so I thought I would share it with all of you. Normally blood is not as bright in color, but this is my favorite shade of red nail polish, so I decided to use it instead of buying a more natural looking shade. Plus I love that it’s so vibrant. The amazing thing about this tutorial is that you can make it your own by using any color, so it doesn’t have to be just for Halloween. So enjoy and have fun with it!!!

photo 5

You’ll need:
Red nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Right Set Red), and a Nail art brush or tool (I recommend using several toothpicks for a cheap and easy no hassle design)

photo 4-3-2

Before you start with your design, prep your nails by filing and buffing them, and applying a base coat to protect the nails.

Step 1: Dip the toothpick into the nail polish bottle so that the tip of the pick has a round bead of polish.
Step 2: Place the polish on your nail and drag it upwards, to create a line.

photo 1-5-4

Step 3: Create two to three more lines, re-dipping the toothpick into the nail polish each time, so that you get a bead on the pick before you start each line. Each line doesn’t have to be even or perfect, your creating dripping blood so a little jaggedness is ok.

photo 2-4-4

Step 4: Re-dip the toothpick into the polish and drag a line across the tip of the nail.
Step 5: Go back and with the toothpick add a bead of polish to each “drip” to get a more drop like effect, and to soften the look of the design.

photo 3-3-2

Step 6: Repeat the steps on the rest of your fingers, and tada!! you have blood dripped nails!!