Hair straightening brush

How many of you have seen this device floating around the internet over the past couple of years? Well I finally decided to bite the bullet and try it out. Surprisingly I actually liked it, minus the off putting chemical smell that comes from this particular version that I bought from Amazon. If you want perfectly straight, frizz free hair, then this is not the device for you, I would suggest getting a flat iron. My favorite is the CHI, I have been using mine since high school. This straightening brush is for more natural looking straight hair with a little more volume than a flat iron would give. I find that it takes about the same time to do my hair if I use this device or if I use a flat iron. I have curly, wavy, frizzy mixed hair so this device is perfect for me when I want my hair to look more put together.


One of the things I like the most about this device is that you can control the temperature. Some people find the automatic heat settings on devices too hot, and with this you can us a higher or lower temperature setting based off your personal preference. The one negative about this is that you can’t get close enough to straighten out your baby hairs, and mine are curly so I have to use the flat iron as well, which to see seems a little redundant.


Overall I don’t think that this is a device that you need to run out and go purchase, especially if you already own a flat iron, but if you are looking for something new or if you had wanted to try this then I don’t think you would be disappointed with your purchase.

Note: This device is not going to give you that super sleek, straight hair look that a flat iron would give. This gives you more of a natural straight softness to your hair.

Here is the link to the one I bought but there are so many versions out there. I advise you to look at review on amazon before you pick one to buy! hair straightening brush

What my hair looks like after I use the brush.


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oily hair oh my!

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Baby powder is one of my go too hair accessories for second or third day hair. I don’t wash my hair every day, (which I think is common for most people, because it strips the moisture and color out of your hair, and give you dry split end damaged hair, and cause lots of fallout) which means your hair can start to feel oily and a little gross. Hence the baby powder!! I have been using this in  the roots of my hair to help absorb the oil, prolonging me from washing my hair every day, to every three day or so. You can probably wait longer, but I just love the feel of clean freshly shampooed hair!

Now I know your probably thinking why don’t you just use dry shampoo, which is what most people do, but I have just been doing this for so many years (way before all the dry shampoo hype lol) and it’s worked well for me…plus dry shampoo can be pretty pricey and baby powder is very inexpensive and have multiple uses other than for my hair 🙂 , plus who doesn’t love the smell!!

I advise that you do this before bed. Apply the baby powder to your roots and massage it in. DON’T do this in the morning (especially if you have dark hair like me) this will make your hair white and look like it has a weird type of dandruff or something. When you apply the baby powder at night, this allows your hair/powder enough time to absorb all the excess grease build in your hair. When you wake up in the morning all the white powder will be gone!! and your hair will smell and have the same feeling as if you used a dry shampoo.

I hope that you enjoyed my alternative to dry shampoo.

ps. If you want in the morning after your baby powder has done its magic you can spray a couple spritzes of dry shampoo to touch up your hair, this will also prolong your dry shampoo and make your bottle last longer which is a bonus since it can be a little expensive. I don’t personally do this, the baby powder works great alone in my hair, and I don’t own a dry shampoo.