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Makeup looks

Makeup Play

Testing a new Kajal eyeliner pencil that my mom brought back for me from India

Definitely not a day wear look, can be for a night out. I don’t usually wear this much makeup in public unless it’s for a costume/themed party, but every once in a while to test out new products I like to have with my makeup.

To me makeup is like paint but for your face.

Products used: red lip crayon by remmington, kajol eyeliner, black and brown eyeshadow, bare minerals powder foundation and highligher, and a touch of lip gloss for a little pop!!


Easy Makeup from day to night look
eyeliner: Kajal kohl pencil
eyeshadow: nude for the whole eye and dark brown on the edges for a smoked out look.
lipstick: color is cosmos from garden botanica inc.
Turn the look up a notch by adding liner to the bottom lash line, and adding black eyesdadow to the outer corners of the eye and blending it into the liner up to the crease of the eye.
For the lips you can change the color but for me personally I feel I look better with lighter color lips than a red, if my eyemake is on the darker side.
I prefer lipstick to lipgloss, but a clear lipgloss or shine would also look amazing with this look.!!

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