Happy New Year!

I know! I Know..it has been a million years, but I am back. I hope you all had an amazing 2017 and start to the new year so far. One of my major resolutions for 2018 is to start blogging again. Life got the best of me last year, and between moving and facing new challenges in my life I just lacked the inspiration and time to blog. One of the things I like to do at the end of each year is to reflect on what I can do better or be better at in the next year. For me one of the things that I really missed doing was blogging, because it was a way for me to create and share as well as show my creative side, and a fun way to write and interact with the world.

So hears to all of us doing our best to fulfill all of our resolutions for the years as best as we can. I know that life happens and sometimes it can be hard but if we push through we can achieve all of our goals! Cheers to the new year and I hope you all have a great 2018!



DIY fall pumpkin decoration



Cute table top DIY with wine corks

p.s. you can buy wine corks at Michael’s arts and crafts if you don’t have any corks 🙂

What you need:

  • 34 corks or 33 corks and 1 champaign cork
  • orange arylic paint
  • green craft paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
  • paper plate
  • newspaper


  1. Lay out your newspaper so you don’t make too much of a mess
  2. On your paper plate pour out some orange paint, dip one end of your cork into the the paint (if you think your cork has too much paint on it you can dab it on the plate a couple of times to wipe away the excess)
  3. Repeat till all of your corks are painted, and lay your corks out on your newspaper till they are dry.
  4. While your corks dry cut out some leave shapes from your green craft paper.
  5. Once your corks are all dry, you can start assembling your pumpkin with your hot glue. Start out with a row of 5 corks, then a row of 6, followed by a row of 7, row of 6, row of 5, finishing with a row of 4.
  6. Then I took my leave and glued one end of each leaf to the top of my pumpkin shape.
  7. Finally I took my last cork and glued it to the center of the top row.

And Voila a super cute and easy decoration to add to any home to make it more festive!!

xoxo I hope you have fun creating this!!


DIY baby book

My best friend just had a baby and during her pregnancy she had asked me to make a baby book. She is the first one of my friends to have a baby so I had no Idea what people put in one, I looked at a bunch of them online and combined different pages and ideas I liked so here is my version of a baby book. Enjoy

photo 2 (8)

This is the front, and back covers of the book, and the side binding I wrote the baby name. On the covers I drew a picture with fabric markers and wrote a quote from the Wizard of oz on the other side. The inside panel was a little dirty so I just stuck a page from an old book to the flap.

photo 3 (6)

The first page is just a title page, the second page I wrote a quote about motherhood, the third page I drew a silouhette of a pregnant woman and left a spot on her belly for the ultrasound photo, the fourth page is an about mom page with room for a photo.

photo 4 (4)

The fifth page is an about my dad page, the sixth page is a my moms parents (grandma and grandpa) page, the seventh page is a dads parents page (for grandma and grandpa), and the eight page is a during the pregnancy page. I left room on all the pages for a photo or two.

photo 1-3

page nine is an it’s time page for the delivery day, page ten is all the information about your baby, page eleven is for the birth tags and the birth certificate, and page twelve is for the hand and foot prints (I didn’t stick the square cards onto the page so that the prints can be stamped and then placed for convenience). I left room on the pages for a couple of photos.

photo 2 (1)-2

Page thirteen is a going home page, page fourteen is a my first year page with a poem and room for a photo, page fifteen is a first and second month page, page sixteen is a forth and fifth month page. All pages have room for photos.

photo 3 (2)

Page seventeen is a sixth month, eighth month, and tenth month page (for the first year pages I didn’t do every month because I didn’t feel it was necessary but that is just my preference). Page eighteen is a first birthday page, and pages nineteen and twenty are blank pages to put photos to remember the event.

photo 4 (1)

Page 21-23 are pages of firsts, empty pages left to put photos of first step, first book, whatever you want to remember. Page 24-27 are blank pages for just photos for whatever you didn’t put in the earlier pages but want to include in the book.

I had so much fun making this and made it so that my friend would have fun filling in all the pages. when you create yours try having as much fun as possible putting it together, it shows how much love you put into it.

Happy Craftings!!! xoxo