Fujifilm instax portable printer quick review



This is basically what it says it is, a Polaroid printer. It takes your pictures from your smartphone and develops them into a polaroid. It’s obviously not an hd quality photo, but to me the quality is still pretty good for a quick, fast and easy print, perfect for parties, scrapbooks, journals, etc. And it is a great accessory to travel with if your like to make travel journals.

I love it! I have already gone through one box of film (which isn’t that hard to do since you only get 10 pictures in each film box). The only downside to me about this product is the price of the film which can average to about $15 per box depending on where you buy it. I found the best deals for the printer and the film to be on amazon.

Another downside to this printer is that the instructions are pretty confusing. If you do purchase this product, what you need to do first is download the app (instax share), then turn on the printer. Go to your phones wifi settings and leave your current wifi and join the printers wifi and then open the app. The rest is pretty straight forward, and the app gives you directions on how to go about printing and editing your photos.

All in all I recommend this printer, if you are look for a fun and cute splurge. The prints are fun and do take a little time to develop, so don’t be worried if your print stays white for a few minutes, your picture will show :). If you do purchase this printer I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Here is a link to the one I bought!

Fujifilm Instax Share Printer 

ps: This is not a sponsored post, this is just my personal opinion of this product, this product is not for everyone, and I advise to try it out to see if this product is for you.

Milani Tea Rose Romanic Blush mini review

This is the first time I ever purchased anything from Milani Cosmetics, and the main reason I purchased them is because they are so cute, and have a rose embossing on them. But cuteness aside I have to say that these are my new favorite blushes, and a bonus is that they are so inexpensive for such a good quality blush an amazing beauty steal (too bad they are limited edition).

The collection contains four matt blushes, each stamped with a beautiful rose design. I was only able to get my hands on two of the blushes in the collection. I picked up the shades coral cove, and tea rose.

Coral Cove – This shade personally to me looks the best on my skin tone. It’s a beautiful coral shade, and to me coral shades look amazing on more tan skin tones. This blush has a really silky feel and has a lot of pigmentation.

Tea Rose – This is more of a muted rosey pink shade. It has the same silky feel and pigmentation as coral cove. This is more of a wearable pink blush, and I think that this blush would be universally flattering on all skin tones.

I wish I was able to get all of the shades, but all in all these are one of my new favorite blushes!! They are pigmented, blendable, and have a really nice formula. I wish Milani put them in their permanent collection.


ps: This is not a sponsored post, this is just my personal opinion of this product, this product is not for everyone, and I advise to try it out to see if this product is for you.

yummy diy homemade popcorn!


mmm popcorn! My love for it developed at the movies (which is probably the case for most people). I used to buy bags of microwavable popcorn at the store, and over time as I change my eating habits I realized that microwavable popcorn isn’t very healthy. So I figured a good alternative for me to have my cake and eat it too is to make my own! It’s twice as yummy and so easy to make, and you get to season it however you want.



½ cup popcorn – Orville Redenbacher Original is our favorite
2 Tablespoons oil – vegetable, coconut, canola your choice (I used coconut oil)
2 Tablespoons butter – optional
seasonings – salt, garlic (whatever you like thats the fun part!)


  1. In a large/deep pot plop your oil into your pot. If you use coconut oil you want to make sure you have enough oil  so that it melts and covers the entire bottom of the pot. (leave your pot lit to the side)
  2. Add enough popcorn kernels to cover the entire bottom of the pot, and so that the kernels are covered in the oil.
  3. Place the lid on the pot (it’s to prevent the popcorn from flying all over the place, and they can shoot pretty far) and wait for the kernels to start popping, about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Once they start popping a lot, give the pot a good shake or two to make sure nothing burns and your letting the unpopped kernels sink to the bottom.
  5. When the popping slows down to a few seconds between each pop you hear, turn off your heat and let it sit on the stove or about a minute.
  6. Remove your cover and pour your toppings (butter (melted), sea salt, garlic)
  7. Pour into a large bowl and enjoy!!

p.s. This is really good alternative to bagged or store bought popcorn because the ingredients you use are less processed and nutritionally just better for you!!

Tangle Teezer mini review

photo 1


The first time I heard of the tangle teezer I thought that it was kind of gimmicky. But one of my friends had purchased one, and she swore by it, said it was the best hair brush she’s ever bought. So I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try it since it’s also inexpensive, and as it turns out I agree, this brush is amazing! I have naturally really thick, frizzy/curly hair, thats medium long length, and it’s always gotten pretty bad tangles. With this little brush I don’t use a detangler, and it will not rip our and tear my hair no matter how bad my tangles are, and there’s a lot less pain if you have really bad tangles.

All in all it love this brush and it’s my go to hair brush, and I recommend this brush for all women.

here is a link for where I purchased mine if you would like to check it out

Tangle Teaser

photo 4

ps: This is not a sponsored post, this is just my personal opinion of this product, this product is not for everyone, and I advise to try it out to see if this product is for you.

Rose Song

Hey guys!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I wanted to share with you all something that I have been working on and off for the past few months. I used to play the piano (not very well) so I have always had an appreciation for classical music. I found an image of a broken piano and some beautiful roses, and those photographs inspired me to do a pencil sketch of a combination of the two.

I think so far this is one of my favorite sketches! I hope you guys like it too.



ps. The picture above is a photograph I took

Prints of Rose Song are now up on my Etsy Page


ps: the photographs above of the piano and the roses are images I found on pinterest they are not my own original photograph